For years I’ve posted opinions every which-where on the world-wide-web.

In fact, my comments, posts, likes, status updates, links are scattered so far and away,  I created this blog to consolidate my digital thoughts because they needed a “private home” in which to dwell.   And, in direct contrast to the public, up your nose frame of Facebook, this is the

safest place to air currently unpopular sentiments in an anti-American universe.  

Millions of Americans actually LIKE America.  We even prefer the old~fashioned America when its culture throughout the entire nation sat just a bit right of center.   Assuredly, not every Conservative is a heartless, gun-slinging hunter of Bambi, hiding away the wife in the kitchen, barefoot, pregnant without a library card.   And we are not always Conservative because we may actually agree on certain topics from time to time with moderate Democrats, ecologists, vegetarians, recyclers and some educators. Heck

, I avidly write poetry, do yoga, throw pots, cuss, and hug trees on a regular basis. My

 pals and I are UPBEAT on America.   It’s still “the Beautiful” and “the land of the free, home of the brave”.   Free to criticize what needs to be, and brave to call out those unsung great things, those tiny details our mass media tends to overlook.   Take advantage of our freedom while it is still standing.  Protect it and laud it.  That’s why I continue to be Up Right with the USA.  

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Amen Sister— Not only do I think this is great— I hope it takes off because so many of us have much to say: about PEACE… about our Food Supply, our air, our water – and America the Beautiful! So I support this blog – I applaud this blog – I will share this blog….and I will participate too– since you extended such a great invite!! I am officially following – cause I know you – You have intellect, compassion and You “Get It”!! UP with the USA – with People and with Healing – into the Light!! PEACE– Andi

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