One Opinionated Set of Ovaries

More than once someone has told me that I have “ovaries”, the equivalent of a man’s “balls”, “brass set”.  It was the genteel, gentile version of “chutzpah”, e.i. – unabashed boldness or guts.

The first time I heard the compliment was some time in the mid-nineties.  My dearest Christopher Clark (r.i.p.) told me as much when I said or did something that he thought on the edge of acceptable feminine behavior.  I found his remark hilarious and exhilarating all at once.  That my personal power could be distinguished from a man’s yet as full of impact meant something of value. Especially coming from such a complex, funny, gifted and tortured guy.

Two decades later and I’m opinionated as ever!  Perhaps even more so ~


2 thoughts on “One Opinionated Set of Ovaries

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