Put a Stop to Human Trafficking in Michigan

Michigan Human Trafficking legislative task force

faces the facts head on.

After the newly formed advisory board had its first meeting, an impromptu interview took place to let citizens of Michigan learn what is being done in Lansing to protect victims of human trafficking in Michigan.  Check it out here:

Senator Emmons is passionate about arresting the growth of sex and labor trafficking in Michigan. She is committed to reversing the tide of trafficking, a cancerous, criminal activity, by championing best practices that eradicate modern slavery in the state. Her vision is for Michigan to lead the way and set the standard for other states to follow in doing the same.

Michigan state Sen. Judy Emmons interviews members of the Human Trafficking Advisory Board

The state’s Senate Human Trafficking Advisory Board has been formed to help Senator Emmons expedite her responsibilities since Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette appointed Emmons as chair of the Public Awareness Subcommittee for the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking.   The attorney general and Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville have led the effort in raising public awareness of human trafficking in Michigan.  Michigan is cited as ranking #5 nationally in human trafficking activity.  This fact alone is outrageous.

Additionally, citizens of Michigan are embarrassingly unaware of how prevalent and hidden the human rights crimes are being conducted, and all the other criminal activity that  is connected to it.  At this point it is feasible none of us know the full scope of human trafficking takes place in the state.  Neither do we know to what extent devastation caused by trafficking impacts our state.  Since Detroit is one of the largest international crossings in the world, perpetrators of the trafficking of persons needs to be extinguished and quickly.

If you are interested in helping or sharing your concern about human trafficking,  Sen. Emmons  may be contacted by phone at  (517) 373-3760.  Office and mailing address is 1005 Farnum Building, P.O. Box 30036, Lansing, MI 48909-7536.    If you are planning to be in the Lansing area and would like to stop by her office, it is located on the 10th floor.

If you suspect someone is a victim of sex trafficking, call 

National Human Trafficking HOTLINE:


U.S. Department of Justice

Trafficking in Persons and Worker Exploitation

Task Force Complaint Line



3 thoughts on “Put a Stop to Human Trafficking in Michigan

  1. Liz, I appreciate this post so much. Human trafficking is epidemic — becoming pandemic, globally. I’ve done a good bit of research on this, and it’s daunting. Just this past week I posted the stats from the U.S. Department of Justice and the FBI on another blog. Why more people are not aware of this is beyond me. The mainstream media has not helped much.

    Thank you for helping to spread awareness.


    • Victoria, this topic is mind-boggling and there ARE several organizations and regions in the U.S. that will not tolerate it on any level anymore. The challenges today is zero public awareness, lack of or insufficient legislation to effectively prosecute predators, corruption and stonewalling at every level of government as well as conflicts of interest among the law enforcement and justice systems. If you are interested in learning more The Polaris Project is a resource:

      Bios of some influential individuals who have helped combat human trafficking crimes.

      Michigan Rescue and Restore Coalition is a grass roots organization dedicated to raising awareness about human trafficking. We held a training series on the manifold nature of the pandemic and how to address from a variety of perspectives. On this site Richard Sands provides links to research and protocols recommended by Polaris Project, GEMS and The Salvation Army. MiRRC intend to update what we can and are in the process of creating safe harbor housing for victims who have been extracted.

      Bless you for caring and your proactive contribution to the fight.


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