Custom-made Plasticine

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This fall term, I began making a large-scale sculpture of a woman figure. I was molding her out of water-based ceramic clay. She was very high-maintenance, always needing to be watered and kept moist. One week, I left campus and went home. When I came back, she had cracks all over her! It was absolutely horrifying,both from an artist’s standpoint (seeing my project literally falling to pieces) and that she looked like a petrified mummy. I was very frustrated and desperate for a solution.

A wonderful professor helped me move forward, suggesting I start over with plasticine. Plasticine is a non-drying, oil-based clay. It’s typically expensive (a 2lb block of Roma plastillina is about  $12So we researched plasticine recipes, experimented and came up with a custom batch of clay!

If you have the time and patience, I highly suggest the D.I.Y route. This recipe is cheap, clean and easier…

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