Grace in the Grocery Store

Grace in Action

Americans, like wise Officer Vicki Thomas are actually the majority here in the United States, not the exception.  Governments that micro-manage the goings-on of its citizens end up more a part of the problem than a part of the solution, especially when it comes to common sense values.

Americans have a great deal in common and are sensible in their own way.  Kindly remember that, o younglings, those of you who think the world owes you a life, a living and a reason for being.  Living on the dole may be a short-term benefit, but come to find out, short-term benefits often tend to short-circuit those real long-term solutions.  Especially for decent people who are hurting like this Mama was in her dilemma.

Note well the outcome of this incident of grace at work, was the actual solution Mama needed; namely, some real and gainful employment.  Now Mama’s got her dignity, a lesson of gratitude and some steady cash.  One thoughtful person’s actions – forgiving, giving, helping out with tangible goodness taught us a thing or two!

All it takes is ONE random act of kindness to set a chain reaction.

Well, whaddaya know!  Goodness and kindness is contagious!  Officer Thomas did much more than decide not to arrest Mama for shoplifting; much more than shelling out her own, hard-earned money to buy the perpetrator groceries.  Her choices and actions set a fine example of what it means to be a real human being (a Mensch), showing the rest of us through her choices that it is in fact “more blessed to give than receive.” (Acts 20:35, NLT)

Only in America?  I hope not.  But, certainly here is one more thing that is UP Right with the U.S.A.

(But for the grace of God…)



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