Nowadays, everybody knows somebody who’s…

…been effected by prescription drug addiction or some other form of addiction.  One way or another, everywhere in society we have been touched by the chaos.  Urban, suburban or rural areas have been touched; across class lines, ethnic lines…whether directly or indirectly, abuse of narcotics has cost us dearly.  In lives, quality of life, the effects of ancillary crime, health implications, relationships – be it in a friend or family member, a neighbor, colleague, team-mate…

Conservatively, Alcoholics Anonymous‘ worldwide membership alone, has leveled off to more than two million, taking into account the turnstile effect of recidivism and the steady stream of newcomers.  The recovering community at large, inclusive of individuals grappling with other substances and process addictions, has exploded in size.  Then, consider as well those others who struggle with aspects of the disease seeking alternative measures to manage its symptoms or its systemic effects.

Advocates, family members, employers, service providers, lawmakers, faith communities are joining people in recovery to speak up and call out the real barriers to stopping the loss of life, productivity, order and safety Americans need to thrive.  There is a huge pink elephant in our town squares that until now NO ONE wanted to talk about.  The fact that as a people we have been unable or unwilling to objectively, effectively discuss ramifications of untreated mental illness is in itself PART of the illness!  And, frankly, substance abuse is simply a subset of the mental health issue.  The endemic attitudes, exploitation, corruption, that distorts public policy, politics, economics and social conduct is both the tail end and the beginning of the vicious cycle.

To get a better understanding of what Families Against Narcotics (FAN)  is about, click the link  <<<===  and watch the video on YouTube. Real live, fine, upstanding regular people are coming together to address the whole ‘ball of wax’.   In the video, I’m the lady that sits beside Richard Sands, the man who shares about the loss of his adorable granddaughter to a drug overdose.  Richard is chairman of the Downriver (Detroit) Chapter of Families Against Narcotics, formed in April 2013.

You’ll see, it’s going to get better, but we all have to do our part.As one lovely member clarified at one of the early local FAN meetings,

“We do not need a War on Drugs anymore!  What we need is a War on Addiction!”

This topic is going blow your mind, but you have to first open your heart.  One thing is for certain; the more you learn about the exact nature of the drug problem in the United States, the more you will find there IS yet to learn of the scope and depth of devastation it has done to our nation as a whole.  America and Americans are worth saving.  Each and every human being effected by the epidemic has a right to be rescued and restored to live a happy, joyous and free life.  There is much more I will share with you on this topic.  We have a lot to hope for, and much to expect from and for the American way of life, should we choose to care for and nurture it.


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