Hazardous waste deep injection well construction ~ at Lake Huron

English: Map of Lake Huron. Category:Michigan maps

English: Map of Lake Huron. Category:Michigan maps (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Faulty, Corrupt Nuclear-Waste Deposit Well Deal between Romulus, Michigan & Canada

OK, I’m pretty mad that we have to find out about this stuff milling around online when we’re supposed to be doing homework. Why is this message under-reported in the mass media?  Admittedly I only have pieces of this rather messy puzzle, but would like to share the jigsaw picture with you.  You tell me, based on what little information is available so far if this is not a topic that should be discussed more openly with Downriver Detroit residents? Senator Hopgood is a hard worker; take a listen to his remarks on the Michigan State Senate floor today:


The following is a post that I TRIED to upload, but apparently I was not allowed to post on G+.  Hmmm:

Senator Hopgood,

       Thank you for persevering against the continuance and corruption surrounding this Canadian/Michigan nuclear waste depository well developing under our noses, so close to our homes.  I really appreciate your making available updates and announcing developments on this very scary issue.  

       It would appear to me that few people are listening, and everyone SHOULD be listening, taking heed and taking action.   Would it be possible for you or your staff to post a bullet-point timeline of the back-story and current developments for everyone to read on G+ or wherever else you see fit?  I fear that while is it terribly dangerous and fraught with corruption, very few people are aware of the grave and imminent public health risks to our potable water sources and farming lands.  

       What upsets me the most is the sneakiness regarding the transactions, indicted individuals, impotence of the Michigan state legislature to revoke licenses; not to mention the slippery ownership of the firm responsible.  Insult on top of injury is the outright payoffs, bribes and shenanigans with individuals responsible for the Detroit Fire/Police Pension Funds attached to the deal. 

       I do thank God for you, as you seem to be the only, if not one of the very few legislators who is diligently following up on this back alley, silent and deadly pollution of our land, and faithful in reporting it.


El Johnson

P. S.     Would it be possible for your office to post a bullet-point timeline of the back-story as well as the current state of developments read on your G+ page?  I am confident that people who would like to protect the shores of Michigan’s Lake Huron would want to be completely informed.  Some may even want to support you and take action…  


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