Should Jews Be Considered a Minority? [a I developed for a class assignment]



Should Jews Be Considered a Minority?

(a I developed for a class assignment)




Anti-Semitism is still alive and well around the world, and, it also appears to be freshly a-simmering in stew-pots all around the U.S. Not everyone I meet, however, agrees with that claim.  While definitions of ‘minority status’ may be distinct in today’s academic rhetoric, I still hold there are grey areas of sentiment that float just beneath the surface of our post-modern, post-9/11,first world society.




Whether we choose to admit it or not, sentiment still counts.  I believe what my husband says, namely, “Thoughts are things.”  If I think something and truly believe the thought, it takes on the characteristics of matter. The thought becomes a substance.  If the thought is believed long enough, it is very likely going to be spoken aloud, and speaking is an action. Words spoken often enough, and by enough people, whether they are actually true or not, will eventually be thought of as true.  And then, what follows are more actions along the the lines of the original sentiment articulated.




This axiom holds true, whether the thoughts and sentiments behind them are creative or destructive, affirming or annihilating.




So, if you wish to view the Prezi, you will need to set up an account (free) at and then follow my link again. The presentation works much like Powerpoint; just click the advance arrow when you finish viewing the current screen.




Happy Advent and Happy 4th Day of Hannukah!





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