Keeping it Simple for Mom’s Serenity

Celebrating today the Eternal Mother who dwells inside each and every one of us women! Whether we’ve had children, or not, whether our moms are still with us,

or gone in some other way, or not,
we cherish that Universal Mother within.

She is the Feminine Face of G-d, Emmanuelle, if you please: Ever-present, omniscient, omnipotent. Holy and joyful, energetic and peaceful, aware and kind ~

School project cohort
Cooker of yummy stuff
Unconditional lover…

She is Imma, Mommy God within US! Embrace Her today. Tell Her you appreciate Her for we would NOT be where we are today without Her! Happy Mothers Day!

Regarding the founder of Mother’s Day, Anna Jarvis, I am not sure I agree with her convictions 100% but I am very grateful for her intention to maintain the day as one of simple, loving pleasures.  This NatGeo article is pretty awesome ~ as the history is what we always need to learn, and relearn.  Take what you like and leave the rest of Anna’s Contention, because her initial desire was so pure and genuine.




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