168 Juveniles Recovered in Nationwide Operation Targeting Commercial Child Sex Trafficking

(…to the tune of “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”)

Where have all the Missing & Exploited Children gone?

Long time pa-as-sing…

Where have all the C-SEC gone?

Long time agoooo…

Where have all the Missing & Exploited Children gone?

Gone to PIMPS and SEX TRA’FFICK ERS Ev’ry One…  


Well, Great News:  http://goo.gl/prqXk2

FBI Report (see the link)

…as of today 281 perpetrators have been collared and 168 CSEC (commercially sexually exploited children) have been rescued from their captors/torturers.   The coordinated work of Operation Cross Country VIII deserves to be applauded and every American of good will is encouraged to show gratitude and appreciation for every worker that made the sting a success.

Now, lets think a moment as to how these childhood victims are going to be restored.

The type and extent of crimes against these tender victims cannot be measured, meeted against them for greed.  And, the atrocities committed against them are akin to those of the NAZI concentration camps of WWII.

Each child has been stripped of identity, personhood, Self-ness.

Each one has been robbed, decimated, defiled and annihilated in every way imaginable:  physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, intellectually…

For it is beyond imagination of regular persons to fathom.  The work of healing and restoration is that only the Lord God Almighty can accomplish effectively.


Bless each child, Gentle Sovereign Lord, with the merciful gift of Your Touch.  We pray for every manner of healing, in depth and scope from abuse only You are able to know extent and consequence in its fullness.  Raise Your Standard of justice for atrocities committed against every single soul and body and make the restitution You See appropriate, Dear  Creator.  We agree to participate in the restoration of each child by Your Wisdom, Will and Power.  Hear our prayer, in Ha Shem Y’shua.  Omayn.

Messianic Cross by El Johnson

This is my personal design symbolizing my personal faith in Y’Shua ha Moschiah



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