Brave enough to live a Jeremiah 29:13 life.

flower child of the 60’s, young woman of songs and prints, communes and ecology, of poems and bell-bottoms

love beads, headbands, puzzle rings,

peace and harmony, love children if it feels good, do it

we were encouraged ‘go find yourself”

far from the post-war pendulum swing of the 50’s

conform or be banished

but where does one look for oneself as a young woman set free to be unlike anything before

looking for the soul in the bookstore

looking for the lover in the nightclub

looking for life in a living in the 70’s, the ME generation

monetarily making it while the consuming soul wastes the spirit

groping blindly for a place to settle in the 80’s

only to fall feet first into a black hole in the ground attached to HELL in the sewers of cities

‘go find yourself” so very far away from the starting points

lost and languishing until…

we were found by Light’s Originator,

found in the darkest places, blind, broken, belittled

but called by name and we heard a Voice Call our name

encouraged to Come and be brave

come close by following the voice until the dark was gone

close enough to hear and learn more

encouraged to take hold and not let go

to hold on and let go all else

to be:

Brave enough to live a Jeremiah 29:13 life..

5 thoughts on “Brave enough to live a Jeremiah 29:13 life.

  1. Beautiful and indeed, thank you from above, below, within and the four winds my friend; Moreover, let me share the following with you… Thank you for your continued support, ongoing patients and understanding that we can always work together, yes?
    First, I want to make clear that in this realm of reality, there is not right or wrong of how to tap into this energy because everyone on this Earth whether aware consciously of the transition or not, will be affected. It is unlike when we set space for a spiritual practice, where we smudge sage or say prayers, this alignment is so monumental all who inhabit this planet will shift simultaneous even if it invisible to the human eye. In saying that, I do enjoy thinking it is accelerating to be conscious of the energy transitions and to actively participate in the current of changeable energy. If you do too than please read on 🙂 copy and paste the following link in google search or any search engine…

    • Thank you, Richard. The cosmos and its energy is insanely huge and fills one’s heart with awe. How much more then, so does its Creator? Tomorrow the shift, and always shifting, always palpable to those waiting for release into THAT which is All.

    • Fabulously written! Amen to the Light & our Creator! 😁 loved your article Richard!
      This is a most exciting time .. welcoming “the New”, now with a blank canvas…willing to infinitely receive: “fine-tuning” for purpose; direction; clarity; opportunities, etc. We get to live with greater meaning/role, in beautiful alignment with God’s heart, mind & vision! (Thy Will is BEING Done!) All of our life experiences- in our Volume One Book is ready to close – as Volume 2 is already open, ready to be written now. It’s as if ALL we’ve been thru, learned, triumphed, grieved, released, etc…has been put in a melting pot & poured into our very strong foundations, supoorting where we go next.
      The Awakening on this Planet has begun!! It’s a most exciting time to be alive, making a difference on our Mother Earth!
      For those who have “done the work”- the true FUN begins Now! Thanks for this blog & responses! Hugs & Blessings! Andi

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