Hey! Food & Drug Administration, Are You Listening?

Hey!  Food & Drug Administration, Are You Listening?

We can’t get away from it: one study after another indicates a need for more accountability from the FDA and pharmaceutical companies manufacturing and distribution of addictive prescription medication in America.    Isn’t it odd that one arm of the federal government announces findings of  research on medication overdoses to be a leading cause of fatal injury in the United States, but the responsible arm of government as a watchdog for drugs distributed to the marketplace appears deaf to it?  I certainly haven’t heard any statements from the FDA.  Have you?

Now, how can that possibly be?

“Poisonings, mostly from drug overdoses, are the leading cause of accidental death among working-age adults in the United States, a new report shows.”(from healthfinder.gov – Overdoses, Cellphone-Linked Car Crashes Among Top Causes of Fatal Injury in U.S..)

I haven’t heard a peep from the Surgeon General either:  Certainly not from the former, Regina M. Benjamin whose term ended 2013. Meanwhile, opioid substance deaths spiked the four years under her watch, at least in Michigan.  Don’t be naive, though.  It’s everywhere.

 Opioid-Related Hospitalizations in Michigan, 2000-2011

Nor does it appear the White House deems fatal overdoses important enough a topic for the Surgeon General.  If anything, President Obama is tentative “lest-we-suffer-embarrassment” backpedaling about nominating Vivek Murthy as the new SG, but for a rather peculiar reason.  Mr. Murphy, of all things, is outspoken on gun control!  Why, that kind of talk might get the Republicans all upset and filibuster the Senate again.  Well, POTUS certainly can’t have that. [http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2014/03/15/obama-surgeon-general-nominee-trouble/6457575/]

Whoever in their right mind, I wonder, would think the Surgeon General’s jurisdiction is more appropriately over gun control than the health of the general population due to the high rate of abuse of OxyContin, Vicodin, or into possible collusion, bribery, corruption pharmaceutical companies’ profit making strategies perhaps with the Food and Drug Administration turning a blind-eye on releasing highly dangerous and addictive pain medications to the public?

Yeah, I know.  That is a heavy allegation.

No, I am not an investigative reporter, but, boy, I sure wish I were.  I hope someone has the guts to look into it.  More and more the politics of government is clearly more important than civil service.  And the comfort of civil servants is more and more important than the safety and and protection of the citizenry to whom the government is accountable.

I and my like-minded colleagues are still asking the Food and Drug Administration what is it as a governing/watchdog body doing to protect healthcare consumers from profit hungry pharmaceutical manufacturing and marketing firms?  How is it that the latter still continue to flood the ethical (and I use that term reluctantly) drug market vis a vis coupon redemption marketing and other ‘incentives’ so that avaricious physicians may be rewarded for rampantly dispensing substances holding DEA Schedule III and DEA Schedule II (that is, pretty extreme) risk for dependency among their patients?

Times must be hard if the only way to make a buck is to make the product highly addictive.  Reminds me of the tobacco companies and cancer in the 80’s.  Hey, thanks for letting me rant.


An Incidental Teaching Opportunity

English: Logo of Pokemon franchise based on DV...

Who says holiness, observance, spirituality, faith and values can only be taught in a church building , synagogue, temple or mosque?  If wellness, the manifestation of wholesomeness and healthy living, were only found in those venues, as a species we would be so more WORSE off ~ even more than we already are!!

As beauty may only be in the eye of the beholder, so wisdom, holiness, agape and graciousness may only be in the heart of the perceptive and receptive.  Perhaps again Tablet Magazine shuffles a soft step around traditional orthodoxy, but the message of core values and pathways to enlightenment may be missed by those to whom it was directed.

Pokémon Has Solutions for the Problems Facing America’s Jewish Community

I live with a Pokemon aficionado, dedicated fan and practitioner.  Admittedly, maybe some of his enthusiasm for the game and the long-running story-line has rubbed off on me.  But hey,  I hope more of my son’s character and example of courageous advocacy rubs off on me too 🙂

Repost: Senator Hopgood Warns of Grave Risks of Underground Nuclear Waste Repository

The Great Lakes as seen from space. The Great ...

The Great Lakes as seen from space. The Great Lakes are the largest glacial lakes in the world. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Initiative to build underground Nuclear Waste Repository less than one mile away from Lake Huron shore in Michigan. Great Lakes to dispose of ‘rags’ belonging to Canada has been ‘gifted’ for $36,000,000 to raise local support. What!? Michigan Senator Hopgood’s warning is shocking and timely:

Senator Hopgood speaks on ‘unthinkable’ risks of proposed underground nuclear waste repository in Canada, less than a mile off the shores of Lake Huron.

Detroit’s Cleaning Up ~ And it is More Than Just Litter!

Flag of the United States of America

Flag of the United States of America (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Detroit is secretly a beautiful city!  One must LOOK BENEATH ITS SURFACE and recall how it has been disparaged in every way for 46 years.  But, it is a valley being raised up, just as the mountains of corruption are being torn down. Abolitionists speak up, so:  Listen up, USA!


Put a Stop to Human Trafficking in Michigan

Michigan Human Trafficking legislative task force

faces the facts head on.

After the newly formed advisory board had its first meeting, an impromptu interview took place to let citizens of Michigan learn what is being done in Lansing to protect victims of human trafficking in Michigan.  Check it out here:

Senator Emmons is passionate about arresting the growth of sex and labor trafficking in Michigan. She is committed to reversing the tide of trafficking, a cancerous, criminal activity, by championing best practices that eradicate modern slavery in the state. Her vision is for Michigan to lead the way and set the standard for other states to follow in doing the same.

Michigan state Sen. Judy Emmons interviews members of the Human Trafficking Advisory Board

The state’s Senate Human Trafficking Advisory Board has been formed to help Senator Emmons expedite her responsibilities since Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette appointed Emmons as chair of the Public Awareness Subcommittee for the Michigan Commission on Human Trafficking.   The attorney general and Senate Majority Leader Randy Richardville have led the effort in raising public awareness of human trafficking in Michigan.  Michigan is cited as ranking #5 nationally in human trafficking activity.  This fact alone is outrageous.

Additionally, citizens of Michigan are embarrassingly unaware of how prevalent and hidden the human rights crimes are being conducted, and all the other criminal activity that  is connected to it.  At this point it is feasible none of us know the full scope of human trafficking takes place in the state.  Neither do we know to what extent devastation caused by trafficking impacts our state.  Since Detroit is one of the largest international crossings in the world, perpetrators of the trafficking of persons needs to be extinguished and quickly.

If you are interested in helping or sharing your concern about human trafficking,  Sen. Emmons  may be contacted by phone at  (517) 373-3760.  Office and mailing address is 1005 Farnum Building, P.O. Box 30036, Lansing, MI 48909-7536.    If you are planning to be in the Lansing area and would like to stop by her office, it is located on the 10th floor.

If you suspect someone is a victim of sex trafficking, call 

National Human Trafficking HOTLINE:


U.S. Department of Justice

Trafficking in Persons and Worker Exploitation

Task Force Complaint Line


ACEs High? New Ammunition for Advocacy and Appropriate Therapies…

According to a CDC Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study posted on the cdc.gov site in January 2013, individuals who endured maltreatment as a child are at astonishingly higher risk for mental, social, financial and physical health issues as an adult.
“The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study is one of the largest investigations ever conducted to assess associations between childhood maltreatment and later-life health and well-being. The study is a collaboration between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente’s Health Appraisal Clinic in San Diego.”
It seems to me the facts established in this study state the obvious.  It is astounding that it has taken civilization into the 21st century to finally validate the survivor of childhood abuse and recognize how steep the uphill climb to a viable, healthy, full, productive, serene and mature quality of life in adulthood truly is.
Results of this study could potentially erode the stigma and bias against young adult survivors living through the subsequent horror and shame of having endured a less than supportive childhood.  In current events, clearly more adolescent suicides are routinely cited.  This would indicate that chances of NOT surviving ACE is significantly higher today than they were generations before us.
Affected teens through their early twenties if fortunate wake up one day to find themselves in frighteningly dangerous situations.  They are alone, ill and malnourished, engaged in habitual self-destructive behaviors (cutting, eating disorders, criminal activity, substance abuse/addiction, promiscuity for example).  They act out of brain disorder symptoms or have landed in the center of circumstances which perpetrators target.  Added shame, isolation, risky life-choices leading to conflict and/or abuse are exacerbated by social stigma and bias on the job, in the medical and insurance fields, law enforcement and the judicial system; constraining affected individuals of any age from seeking acutely needed help.
For those with ACE who actually push through the discrimination to seek professional help, mental health and other health care professionals often are at a loss, waste time, overmedicate, treat symptoms while entirely missing and leaving core issues untreated.
That said, however, for few of us who do survive by experimention, embracing all different ways to overcome our past, reclaim the life we believe we were intended to have and strive to THRIVE ~ the evidence based data confirming strong correlations between ACE and manifold, persistent adult maladies, can now breathe freely.  (Go on, Peeps! Feel the victory, you’ve been validated!)
As a member of Families Against Narcotics-Downriver Chapter, a person in recovery and a mental health services provider in the Detroit-Wayne Community Mental Health Agency network, this report is an amazingly awesome piece of information.  Mental health and human services professional communities have at last an opportunity to amalgamate a recipient’s history into effective, less invasive treatments and therapies that WORK.
My hope is that this and continuted research will fortify policy-makers, administrators, developers and direct care service providers with the courage to scrutinize and change antiquated practices and deliver better care.  If they can yield to findings like this, reach into a clear, basic understanding of what human beings truly need to thrive and contribute to life, I believe common sense, side-effect free treatments will be sufficient and effective. Prevention will be widely considered first and for young children and families.  This is a great step forward toward mental health care that brings great results, not just big medical bills.
El Rukeyser Johnson
Michigan Certified Recovery Coach
Prevention Facilitator
Direct Hire Employee

“…the last of the human freedoms ~ to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way”
~ Viktor E. Frankl

Synchronistic Follow UP?

My beloved husband brings to my attention the front page of The Windsor Star, January 31, 2013 issue, featuring at face value two unrelated articles.  They are , however, intrinsically related to me in a way that is *too close for comfort!


*(HINT: I currently work for the Consul General of Canada in Detroit, and specifically in the immigration section affected by Ottawa’s decision to bring the work we do ‘in house’ as it were.  Happens all the time in industry, advertising, distribution…but in government?)

Far too young to die; I wish I had met him:  “Detroit Free Press: Legendary U.P. party store owner dies at 64”

From Detroit Free Press

Legendary U.P. party store owner dies at 64


“Never do anything you don’t want to explain to paramedics.” – A slogan on the sign in front of Phil Pearce’s party store.MARQUETTE — He was always off someplace, doing God knows what, while everyone looked for him and waited at his little store for him to come back. He had a dozen odd jobs, a tendency toward distraction and a schedule known only to him. But he’d always return at some point.This time, sadly, he’s truly gone.Phil Pearce, the legendary owner of Phil’s 550 party store in Marquette, died Wednesday after a short and sudden battle with brain cancer. He was 64.

Brave enough to live a Jeremiah 29:13 life.

flower child of the 60’s, young woman of songs and prints, communes and ecology, of poems and bell-bottoms

love beads, headbands, puzzle rings,

peace and harmony, love children if it feels good, do it

we were encouraged ‘go find yourself”

far from the post-war pendulum swing of the 50’s

conform or be banished

but where does one look for oneself as a young woman set free to be unlike anything before

looking for the soul in the bookstore

looking for the lover in the nightclub

looking for life in a living in the 70’s, the ME generation

monetarily making it while the consuming soul wastes the spirit

groping blindly for a place to settle in the 80’s

only to fall feet first into a black hole in the ground attached to HELL in the sewers of cities

‘go find yourself” so very far away from the starting points

lost and languishing until…

we were found by Light’s Originator,

found in the darkest places, blind, broken, belittled

but called by name and we heard a Voice Call our name

encouraged to Come and be brave

come close by following the voice until the dark was gone

close enough to hear and learn more

encouraged to take hold and not let go

to hold on and let go all else

to be:

Brave enough to live a Jeremiah 29:13 life..

Open Heart ~ Open Eyes

Willingness to feel compassion, empathy for other human beings is indeed necessary for me to engage in illuminated living. Choosing to allow vulnerability and the chance of feeling someone else’s discomfort is awkward at best, often painful and socially uncomfortable. The greatest talent of actor/advocate Robin Williams, the lesson I have learned is that humor, valor, boldness and selflessness go a long way to soothe the pains of social discomfort, a great yet under-recognized malady of the first world.  Whether self-medicating to the point of overdose, asphyxiation, anorexia, machine gun, psychic pain is a killer.

Our mental health professionals and service providers can, could and should do so much more to help people heal from the human condition. Everyone, whether we are attuned to it or not, experiences to some degree trauma.  Losses, isolations, rejections, major relocations, national disasters, post-war injuries, divorces, crime victimizations, foreclosures, economic challenges actually buffet our population daily, sometimes chronically. Mental and physical illnesses easily erupt as we have become so conditioned to stuff the feelings surrounding these experiences. We develop aberrant behaviors, destructive habits, somatic expressions of distress in such a way that symptoms seem to pop up when we weren’t looking!

If left unattended, our very brain structure and function can change drastically.  Anyone is vulnerable.  Everyone is at risk. Causes of mental illness and its somatic sister are manifold: From childhood abuse, to domestic violence, maladies of the unseen are hidden in plain sight.  

There is growing, however, a major movement to address these issues. There are genuine people and effective treatments to alleviate or remove the sting and effects of early childhood traumas, intimate partner violence, eating disorders, characterological disorders, effects of trauma for crime victims, our military and enforcement personnel. There is also methods of healing outside our narrow western school of medicine to be explored; although this is the topic of another post. So, why don’t suffering people ask and receive the help, treatment and aftercare they desperately need?

THERE is no excuse for individuals and families having to suffer so in this day and age. As a first world power, a culture of advancement known throughout the world, we should be setting a far better example than we currently do. Instead of making leaps and bounds in areas of raising awareness, tolerance, support, research, funding, access…to a great extent, the US mental health care system IS corrupt, avaricious, political, prone to exploitation, blame-shifting and profiteering. THIS surely should not be.

Attitudes and behaviours of the general public toward the mentally ill affects every area of the mental health care field. Capitalizing, profiteering on social ignorance and pervasive ancient prejudices, patients, victims, and, even perpetrators in many instances, are marginalized, ratcheted down to second-class citizens. In some cases, people with mental disorders are highly vulnerable targets for the criminal. This, too, must be investigated, arrested and prosecuted.

Mainstream America has for generations been socialized to fear individuals with mental health issue. That this continues is barbaric, ignorant and inappropriate for the 21st century. Technology has advanced in so many areas of civilization, we must start to inquire WHY the mental health care field has been left so far behind, abandoned in comparison to wallow in the mire of the dark ages! Clearly, reasons for this are complex, but NOT unknowable. We ask the right questions to get to the bottom of the REAL ‘why’:

  • Is it too profitable for some to KEEP the huge portion of the population locked into thinking mentally ill people are inferior or defective?
  • A danger to society?
  • Not credible?
  • Evil?

Or, are they in truth more valuable in their ‘sick’ condition, deep in symptoms in order to retain them as repeat consumers of mental health services, pharmaceuticals, alcohol, illicit substances, and nicotine?

In middle class communities, a common area of discrimination, criminalization, marginalization and derision (informed, sadly, more often by fear of depreciating property values, as well as chosen ignorance) is against those suffering from addiction. Good, upstanding families suffer from the effects of a loved one’s abuse and addiction to substances of all kinds.  There IS a direct relationship between mental health disorders and substance abuse, and, whether it is politically correct or not, research is pointing to early use extrapolates to later abuse, addiction AND the development of major mental illnesses. 

“Heroin dependent individuals have high rates of co-occuring disorders (COD), which makes them more prone to die from suicide than the general population (Kane-Willis, 2011).”

From 2004 to 2011 Mexican export of heroin alone into the US increased 700%.  How could THAT have happened?  Isn’t addiction now identified as an acute stage of Substance Use Disorder in the DSM-5?  Is it not time to dry up the demand for criminal influx of narcotics

It is time to pull our ostrich heads out of the sand and face reality.  Mental health care systems are in need of the same overhaul, if not with more urgency and effort, as has been poured into cancer, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and every other disease.  The days of ignoring invisible disabilities is long over.

This is a systemic, pandemic, endemic, economic, criminal justice and societal problem. Every one of us feeds into the pathology of the system today. It is time to take a look at each and every one of our OWN areas of participation in this problem, and to make a decision to become a part of solutions.

It is time for a change alright. But this change starts within every individual.  
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Issues of Parity

With all the great support of organizations such as; the National Alliance of the Mentally Ill (NAMI), mutual aid peer support groups like AA, NA, grass roots organizations such as the Homeless Action Network of Detroit (HAND), Families Against Narcotics, Veterans Affairs, Alanon, NarAnon, depression support groups, and the hundreds of others, isn’t it time we unite into one collective voice?

What would we say? Who would we talk to? What exactly do we want?

We would state clearly, itemize precisely areas to be favorably impacted by proactive, prevention-oriented Mental/Behavioral Health Care (M/BHC) Reform.

We can start with opening evidence based discussions with the National Institute of Health (NIH) and the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA:  http://www.nida.gov). Our first order of business should be to claim that M/BHC services are equal to, if not more important than, health care. The mind, emotions, the body, interrelationships and the human Spirit work together to create whole human health.

Furthermore, healthy humans contribute to healthy communities; and, healthy communities form a healthy society. Diversity, balance, safety, cooperation, mutual aid functions to form solidarity and strength all contribute to high productivity, innovation, creativity.


This is what it takes to build and maintain a healthy, culturally diverse, thriving nation or group of nations:

Consumers of M/BHC services are first class citizens.

Substance addicted patients are NOT substandard people.

In fact, many sufferers of chemical dependencies are victims of corporate pharmaceutical fraud, corruption in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), immoral and atrocious medical professionals.

When properly investigated, those who practice exploitation of the mentally ill or disabled may find themselves embroiled in class action suits against them.

M/BHC Professionals and para-professionals are entitled to equal pay and compensation.  Professional status and financial compensation as returns on the steep educational and licensing investments in both time and money, must also undergo great reform. Intellect and talent must be attracted to the behavioral and mental health care fields to address the outrageous growth ands needs of services in our communities.

It is no longer acceptable to relegate the exponentially increasing needs of mental/behavioral healthcare consumers to the prison system.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA:  http://www.samhsa.gov) is the government agency responsible for delivering support services to US communities. This government body needs to enter into dialog with the next generation of academics, professionals, hands-on caregivers and leaders in the M/BHC industry. While the population’s need for effect care, the industry is under staffed and under funded to meet the need of consumers for whom they are responsible today! How on earth do they expect to prepare for future public mental health needs?  Clearly, a grass-roots call for REFORM is on my agenda.

Yes, like all other forms health care, this mental/behavioral health, too, is an industry. It is foolish, naive, ignorant, prejudiced or arrogant to assume social workers, school counselors, psychotherapists, substance abuse counselors, nurses aides, special education providers, mental health aides, practitioners, direct care workers, group home house managers, center based vocational trainers, residential directors, community based rehabilitation centers, dual-diagnosis behavioral health hospitals, etc. don’t all notice the huge discrepancy in their own pay scales compared to those of equivalent jobs in other fields of health care.

Interestingly, the system’s internal economics has reinforced its own substandard compensation for decades. There is a running self-deception within the caregiving fields. It is nothing more than a thinly veiled stream of excuses to buy into the neglect of their own needs. Hidden in the ranks of many M/BHC workers are severe symptoms of codependency:

“We are not IN IT for the money.”
“We care more for the clients’ needs.”
“We do this because we are good (nice, pious, better than, more responsible, unselfish, liberal, rich, damaged and can’t do better) people.”

I do not hold that mental health care workers have to be greedy, criminally exploiting the disabled. In fact, fear of being falsely-accused of heinous behavior has probably launched this culture self-deprecating, false-piety crap in the first place.

Whether coming from the self-victimizing or self-aggrandizing point of view ~ unabashed pity disguised as pseudo-advocacy is NOT what M/BHC recipients need nor desire.  People who work at careers that pay them fairly, provide healthy incentives by honoring stellar service, clients that are safe, treated with unconditional positive regard, sense improvement in their lives are likely to tell others that they have a great job and will encourage the like-minded to find a career that suits them in the field.  Normal, huh?

Fair and humane, hopeful, respectful, unbiased and understanding people offering treatment with accessible, down-to-earth, thorough and common-sense care ~ these are the kind of care providers most clients need and respond well to.  An industry with this type of culture supports staff, resulting in clients actually growing to feel better, manage their illnesses and get on with their lives.

SAMHSA has so much more to do to fulfill their purpose.

Communities require well-defined strategies, well-suited qualified professionals meet the dire need and to facilitate the directives to addresses them.  Who in their right mind would want to enter a field that does not compensate such valuable personnel in a manner commensurate with the very education/credentialing required to get hired?  Additional irony – because of the vulnerability of the populations such professionals and workers will be serving, their education and credentialing actually either equals or EXCEEDS the standards of other fields of health care!

Legal exposure, regulation, socia scrutiny and media hype is much deeper for a administrators in M/BHC facilities.  Consequences of failure and systemic weakness are much greater, and ultimately the populations they serve suffer in direct result of those failures.

For example, closure of state facilities for the severely disabled has poured otherwise qualified patients into the streets.while the original intent may have been to mainstream such individuals, funding for academic and vocational training of able, bonded personnel had been scantily provided to build a labor force qualified, safe and effective to meet the needs of those turned out patients.

Homelessness, gangs, juvenile crime has grown exponentially in communities throughout the country. Individuals quickly become drugged/self-medicated targets for criminal activity. VA, middle-age and adolescent suicide rates are staggering, and while an outcry is sounding, response is halting, incomplete, and, most troublesome, is still taboo a subject to discuss.

Funding is available; but knowing how to access it is hazy.  Reform must make it a priority to raise awareness and impact social consciousness to make it appropriate, acceptable and commonplace to obtain care.  North America has a ridiculously long way to go in mainstreaming the mental/emotional health agreements as taking one’s vitals.

Infusing resources calls knowing what to do and how to do it. Reform calls reclaiming and redefining each area of M/BH for continued and innovative research, education and development.

Jobs in medical and rehabilitation sectors of the field must be broken down into clearly focused disciplines and ranked for utilization at every level of intervention and influence.

Ancillary fields, such as; academia, public education, fine arts & leisure, families & children intervention and supports, legal and judicial reform with regard to treatment of these populations.* A special look at the increase of chemical dependency leading to death among the middle-aging and geriatric, adolescent and veteran suicide rates:  Beginning with legislation, consumer safety, insurance, agricultural practices and nutrition, public health assessments, recording, reporting and dissemination of information in these specific areas is imperative.

Standardizing protocols for prevention, intervention and education at the local-state-federal levels to respond timely and appropriately to changes in public mental/behavioural health by neighborhood or community. What is meant by this is initiating proactive risk assessments to identify increased alcohol or substance use disorders in correlation to drug trafficking activity BEFORE a community is in crisis.

Fair practices in guardianship,  probate, vocational and housing, transportation require reevaluation with respect to serving and protecting vulnerable populations.

We are to be improving, expanding and refining c

Civil rights language when communicating public information, social awareness concepts and efforts at inclusion needs to improve in clarity, expand to more audiences, be more refined, call citizens to action.  Greater emphasis needs to be placed on understanding the challenges M/BH clients endure. Stronger consequences need to be in place and enforced to prevent bullying and exploitation of those with invisible disabilities in all walks of life and at all age levels.

Standards within schools must be raised, and districts must be equipped with faculty inservices, protocols, prevention curriculum, community based programs in schools and after school.  Wealth and education is not a dividing line for which communities have such programming.

High income and urbane, highly cultured communities suffer the same distress from mental health disorders as underprivileged communities.  This is clearly NOT a class problem; it is a public health problem.

Availability of and standards for systems that support all families  & youth, the aging, need an entire restructuring.  Keen awareness and response with effective psychological therapeutic services must be equally available at every point of entry into health care as CPR or administering AED aid.

Similarly, every stage of after care, whether it be with a peer support specialist, recovery coach, natural supports, each m/bh patient is entitled to hope for the development of innovative, alternative or wrap around care modalities accessible to him or her.  Technological modifications in products, treatments, practices, are equally if not more important than the our equivalent in other fields of medicine.

Parity in social, civil and human rights for consumers of M/BHC is currently far below par.  Legislation to correct this is mandatory. Violations, such as denying services to M/BHC patients is both immoral and reform must be enacted.

An adolescent in need of inpatient emergency MHC services for opioid addiction must not be denied a hospital bed because “…he’s just a drug addict; what did you expect?”  Yet, a juvenile incarcerated for DUI has access to that same bed.

So, who’s in*? 

Interested in raising your voice for Mental/Behavioral Health Care Reform?

*Contact me, let me know the best way to reach you to take action.
What do you think needs to be done?  What do you think needs to be done FIRST?

Vocabulary Word

Thanks to CBT professor Dr. Sheabra Simpson, I learned a new vocabulary word, but this one has only tangentially to do with the class’ subject of cognitive behavior therapy:


I have nothing original to offer on this, but the following link is spot on!


In my gallivanting over social networks lately, however, I have run across a few rule-breakers and social oafs.  Thinking of them promptly while reading the rules I thought to spread a Truth, if not a little common decency and manners my mother(s) taught me.

More to be shared after midterms are done…


Blind Hatred Harms All of Us

Human beings are flawed, true. The difference between us is how we value life. That is the only difference. Some choose to improve, some do not. Either way, choosing is a God-given right. What we DO with that right defines us.

We Are For Israel

We woke up this morning to the news that Jews had killed Muhamad Abu Khdeir and had failed to kidnap another boy a day earlier. These Jews do not represent Israel. They do not represent Jews. They do not represent the Orthodox community or the Sephardi Orthodox Community. They do not represent even their own families. They represent themselves and they are murderers of an innocent young man.

We are saddened, angered, and sickened by their actions.

Prime Minister Netanyahu speaking about the deaths of Eyal, Gilad, and Naftali, said that:

I would like to send my condolences to the Abu Khudair family. I pledge that the perpetrators of this horrific crime, which must be resolutely condemned in the most forceful language, will face the full weight of the law. I know that in our society, the society of Israel, there is no place for such murderers. And that’s the…

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168 Juveniles Recovered in Nationwide Operation Targeting Commercial Child Sex Trafficking

(…to the tune of “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”)

Where have all the Missing & Exploited Children gone?

Long time pa-as-sing…

Where have all the C-SEC gone?

Long time agoooo…

Where have all the Missing & Exploited Children gone?

Gone to PIMPS and SEX TRA’FFICK ERS Ev’ry One…  


Well, Great News:  http://goo.gl/prqXk2

FBI Report (see the link)

…as of today 281 perpetrators have been collared and 168 CSEC (commercially sexually exploited children) have been rescued from their captors/torturers.   The coordinated work of Operation Cross Country VIII deserves to be applauded and every American of good will is encouraged to show gratitude and appreciation for every worker that made the sting a success.

Now, lets think a moment as to how these childhood victims are going to be restored.

The type and extent of crimes against these tender victims cannot be measured, meeted against them for greed.  And, the atrocities committed against them are akin to those of the NAZI concentration camps of WWII.

Each child has been stripped of identity, personhood, Self-ness.

Each one has been robbed, decimated, defiled and annihilated in every way imaginable:  physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, intellectually…

For it is beyond imagination of regular persons to fathom.  The work of healing and restoration is that only the Lord God Almighty can accomplish effectively.


Bless each child, Gentle Sovereign Lord, with the merciful gift of Your Touch.  We pray for every manner of healing, in depth and scope from abuse only You are able to know extent and consequence in its fullness.  Raise Your Standard of justice for atrocities committed against every single soul and body and make the restitution You See appropriate, Dear  Creator.  We agree to participate in the restoration of each child by Your Wisdom, Will and Power.  Hear our prayer, in Ha Shem Y’shua.  Omayn.

Messianic Cross by El Johnson

This is my personal design symbolizing my personal faith in Y’Shua ha Moschiah